Spotting fakes

Why buying fake steroids are bad for the consumer 


Obviously buying fake anything is bad but buying fake anabolic steroids is worse! There are a number of factors the first factor I compare it to is going holiday or online and buying a fake pair of Armani jeans. 


Now we know the quality is not there but they look exactly like the real one’s and then there’s the price difference we are talking  £100 vs. £15. With fake steroids this is not the case! You are paying full price for the product thinking its real and only getting at best some thing that’s underdosed and not  what you payed for. 


Now the other  dangers are you  are injecting something into your  body  that might not be sterile and risking infection. You also have this problem with oral steroids. lets take Anavar as an example These are very expensive too produce so anything that’s priced cheaper is fake! 


Now what the counterfeiter normally use is Dianabol because it’s cheaper to produce and the customer will still get gains and not complain. Now this is ok for them  until you get a female  buyer who wants to take  something that’s not going to effect  her hormones and  then she gets the male  side effects of the steroid but the counterfeiters still get paid so why should they care right??


Sadly we can’t police the steroid sellers but we can educate customers to Tell the difference between real and fake products! We at 

Are working closely with to ensure customers are not being ripped off and ensure they get exactly what they pay for. 


Due to counterfeiting Isis pharmaceuticals

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