Fat Loss Steroids

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 clenbuterol Hydrochloride
Chinese clenbuterol 50 x 0,02mg tablets This is a drug thats normally taking with T3s for..
 Dithyron T3/T4
Dithyron T3/T4   T4 / T3 mix Each tablet contains: 50ug L-Thyroxine Sodium, 12.5ug L-T..
ELIXIR T5 (ephedrine)
ELIXIR T5 (ephedrine) 60 tab Ingredients per casule: ephedrine 50mg aspirin     &..
Rex-Tropin Hgh 100iu
Rex-Tropin Hgh 100iu Rex-Tropin presents an exact amino acid sequence replica to naturally occurr..
T3 (uni-chem)
T3 25mcg x 30 tablets Cytomel (T3) speeds up fat loss. As a guideline, for most 12.5 mcg/day is a..